About Us


Direct Trade Coffee

From Our Family’s Farm, To Your Cup

El Talisman is a family owned, FDA registered, thirty-five acre coffee farm, located in the mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua (coordinates 12 58.044 N 085 49.130 W). At only 35 acres, we are considered small producers. This gives us an advantage, because it allows us to focus on quality and a healthy ecosystem, at every step of the production cycle.

Most coffee sold nowadays is a combination of coffees from different regions of the world and produced by an untold number of producers, with varied and unknown practices. Other times, coffee is sold from a particular region, but again, you are tasting coffee from many producers in that region, with different methods and priorities.

Our coffee comes directly from our family’s farm. It was grown with the upmost respect and passion, to bring you the best cup our land can produce. It is shade grown, hand picked, hand washed and sun dried. Grown responsibly in a sustainable ecosystem, shaded by fruit trees and other native tree species, supporting a diverse fauna all in harmony with nature. Our doors are always open to anyone who would like to experience where their coffee comes from. Just let us know and we will welcome you into our home/farm with our arms wide open.

We hope you can taste the honesty and love that goes into every cup of our El Talisman Coffee!




We Are Experts In Our Coffee

Each Batch Is Carefully Roasted To Achieve The Optimal Profile

The ultimate dream for coffee producers, is to have control of how their coffee is roasted and delivered to coffee drinkers and lovers alike. After years of dreaming, we are now finally able to accomplish this thanks to our amazing friends at Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company. Third Coast opened their doors and hearts to us, inspiring us to continue on our path, while renewing our passion for delivering our coffee to the local Austin community. We will be forever grateful to Joe and his entire team!

In order to allow our coffee to express it’s unique personality and taste, we roast it in small batches to a medium roast profile, delivering a sweet and balanced cup with medium acidity and a full body. Notes of cocoa, sugar cane, citrus and vanilla, influenced by the neighboring trees that shade the coffee in our farm, are present in every cup. Making for a delightfully smooth experience.

We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you!